Come Dine with me

This was a fun project to partake in. I had to cook for a group of people and record the cooking processes as I went along. I produced a story board based design to present the work, complimented by a small cooking card to present the food. Advertisements

Carnival Posters

Using my own photography I designed six promotional posters advertising the Notting Hill carnival. I tried to make each of my posters unique and stand out, I managed to keep the same theme throughout my designs. I wanted them to correlate so that they would be recognised as a series of posters around London, instead … Continue reading

Permutations-Wine Labels

Using the help of ¬†other visual creative wine bottle labels and hours of research I managed to design my own red & white wine labels from France, Italy and Australia. I took into consideration the amount of colours I was using and realised that the print cost would be high, so I used a limited … Continue reading