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In this task I had to design and make packaging for someone, i.e a builder, teacher, chief or a nurse.  I choose a school kid and a consumer. I created a series of pencil cases and pasta packaging.  Also adding to a previous project I made a chewing gum package. Advertisements

What is Graphic Design

Graphic design is a creative process – most often involving a client and a designer and  usually completed in conjunction with producers of form (i.e., printers, programmers,  signmakers, etc.) – undertaken in order to convey a specific message (or messages) to a targeted audience. In this task I got in contact with my local college … Continue reading

Beyond Butterkist

This was a meaningful project in which I had to delve within myself and really explore my past.  I had to chose 12films that influenced and changed my life and somehow record it visually.  I made a show reel of key moments of each film and presented it onto disk format,  I made a poster … Continue reading


Portal is an architectural magazine I made.  I had to include the works of three pre chosen artists within it,  a double page spread and a suitable advertisement page.

Come Dine with me

This was a fun project to partake in. I had to cook for a group of people and record the cooking processes as I went along. I produced a story board based design to present the work, complimented by a small cooking card to present the food.

Carnival Posters

Using my own photography I designed six promotional posters advertising the Notting Hill carnival. I tried to make each of my posters unique and stand out, I managed to keep the same theme throughout my designs. I wanted them to correlate so that they would be recognised as a series of posters around London, instead … Continue reading

Permutations-Wine Labels

Using the help of  other visual creative wine bottle labels and hours of research I managed to design my own red & white wine labels from France, Italy and Australia. I took into consideration the amount of colours I was using and realised that the print cost would be high, so I used a limited … Continue reading

BP Logo Design

Through researching large corporate company logo’s and British Petroleum, I developed and designed a fresh new logo for the company. At first I tried to incorporate their old logo within my work, I was not fully satisfied so I created a second one. I had to keep in mind that BP is a multinational company, … Continue reading


In this Project I produced a typographic poster around a chosen quote. I included the fonts alphabet, numbers, ligatures & punctuation marks. I  wrote an essay about the quoter using the font and I designed a  T-shirt using the quote.

Internet TV

“GoGo” Is a new online youth internet T.V Channel website. Its for people on the go, between the ages of 18-28. It has two main functions… 1. When you are at home you will be able to watch online films, get results and watch highlights of your local teams football matches. It also works as a … Continue reading